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Bio-Content, Inc. is an independent research group founded by environmentalist who demand high bio-content in everyday products.  From office supplies to Home Cleaning Supplies.  With marketing dollars increasing year over year, we must keep the content the discussion. We are a board of Directors who commit to the our environment, our communities, and our economy.  Feel free to join our community. We appreciate the support, time, and knowledge transfer.

Changes in the Community are made with small steps.  We don't need to commit to growing all of our own vegetables to be sustainable, we can lower our carbon footprint by doing things differently, but they don't have to be difficult.

We aren't the only people that care about our environment.  Check out our peers in the marketplace and share in the discussion, heck, support them.  Keep in mind, None of us, are as smart as all of us!

Help us find other products, services, or companies that can help all of us.  We count on our team of researchers, our industry connections, and our peers to point us to new environmentally sound products to look at and support.

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