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Anything.  We want to help you make a better decision on your office supplies all the way down to the type of fertilizer you put on your lawn.  It isn't easy, but it's valuable.  In a world where Big business tries to dominate, and local organic resources yearn for a podium.   We provide that ampithetre.  We want our global economy to understand what works, what doesn't, and why.



With a complete board of directors, a group of volunteer researchers, chemists, and CIO's, we meet monthly to discuss new products, ideas, and topics.  We look to meet more often as our community grows.  Keep your emails of encouragement growing, keep your grant proposals coming, we look forward to a wild ride to information thats valuable to both our businesses, our communities, and our families.  We deserve it.

About us




We started as a group of environmentalists that wanted to find out if we were being marketed or if things appeared the way they seemed.   That blossomed into a larger group that is on mission.  To help, serve, and discuss.  We want to help our community know what works, and also what doesn't. 


The best part about our global community is the internet.  It is a place to discuss, compete, and identify.  We use our sources in the marketplaces to identify winners, we leverage our global roots to make finding quality resources, easier.

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